About Us

Why did we decide to create this website?

For too long bad apples have been allowed to quietly retire and change forces without any backlash, we hope to stop this! While we do not condone any physical backlash, we would like to see more legal repercussions for those that choose to harm those they swore to protect, or violate the rights they swore to uphold.

So whats the plan?

The goverment doesnt want to do it, or maybe its too hard for them. Maybe too expensive? Its up to us, We the People. Record the police, always, its your word agenst theirs, that is without video evidence. Upload and share the bullys and rights violators. When they stop giving us a reason to not trust them and they treat us with the respect they demand from us, maybe we wont need a database. But until then, welcome to all our bad apple club members.

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