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A Few Bad Apples?

For far too long officers have gotten away with no consequences, we hope to change that. Across the country, most officers are well intentioned, receive good training, and work at agencies that have good policies on the books. But knowledge and good intentions are not good enough. Elected officials at all levels need to commit attention and public resources to changing the legal, administrative, and social frameworks that contribute to officer misconduct.

It is widely recognized that bad police officers hinder good law enforcement. So lets help out the good ones by getting rid of a few bad apples. The first step is getting rid of qualified immunity. Qualified immunity is a judicial doctrine that protects officers who violate someone’s constitutional rights from lawsuits unless the officers’ actions were clearly established as unconstitutional at the time.

The phrase we all heard on 'COPS' growing up was a lie - accept when it pertains to the police - they really are 'innocent until proven guilty', while we are Guilty until proven innocent. We suggest learning about your laws. Know your rights, and practice them. Should you be in the situation wher you need to speak with the police, exersize your rights. In the United States you have the right to remain silent - this does not start at arrest - you do not have to answer any questions at any time. HOWEVER - you do need to tell the oficers you are choosing to remain silent - silence alone does not work.

A phrase you can memorize is "I would love to answer your questions because I have nothing to hide, but I belive that may violate my constitutional rights."

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