A Few Bad Apples | Cornelius Pettus Jr. - Anchorage Police Department


Pettus Jr.

Anchorage Police Department


What landed me here?

Court documents in the state’s case against Pettus say that on the night of Sept. 30, 2019, Pettus and another officer went to the home of a 49-year-old bicyclist to deliver citations from an earlier encounter that the man had recorded on his phone. After he received the citations, the man taunted the officers and followed them down his driveway to the sidewalk, according to charging documents.

Pettus grabbed the man’s phone and claimed it was evidence, according to charging documents. While the man stood in a “neutral stance" with his hands by his sides, Pettus punched him in the jaw and kicked him in the groin, according to charging documents, which also described dashboard camera footage of the incident.

United States v. Pettus

Congradulations Cornelius and all of the Anchorage Police Department!

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